Bar・Wire solder

Preform solder

●Usage:die bond for power devices, semiconductor IC, sealing package
●Shape:pellet (disc, square), tape, wire
・Uses high-purity alloy which minimizes impurities
・Eliminates dissolved gas (only for lead containing types), which is one of the causes for voids,
   by the vacuum refining method(degassing treatment)
・Ensures excellent wettability without any taint, oil content, oxidized material, or scratches on the surface
・Smooth and no sticking of solders
・Embossed tape package available for the pellet types
・Proven track record for in-vehicle equipment, industrial equipment, and other fields requiring high reliability

Flux-cored wire solder

●We added two new types to the RZ-21 RMA series : halogen-free and non-harogen
●Both RZ-21 RMA (HF1) and RZ-21 RMA (HF4) have soldering properties equivalent  to those of halogen type
   and they significantly reduce flux residue cracks and scattering compared to conventional products.  

RZ-21RMA (HF1)

RZ-21RMA (HF4)

Solder paste

●Ensures wettability by using non-halogen activator
●Soldering properties equivalent to those of conventional halogen types

●Excellent void reduction effect with halogen free benefits
●Maintains an excellent heating prevention effect

Excellent void reduction effect
Maintains an excellent heat slumping prevention effect

●The 2nd-generation reflow solder paste, Sn-1.0Ag-0.7Cu-2Bi recommended by JEITA
●Stably consecutive printability
●Superior inhibitory effect for void generation despite low silver content

Good wettability despite halogen-free flux
Maintains an excellent heat slumping prevention effect

●Excellent void reduction effect regardless of reflow condition
●Improved wettability for nickel platings and fewer voids
●Applicable to bond large areas such as those of power semiconductors
●Cleanable with various types of cleaning liquids

●Forms bumps via the solder paste printing method, without using any special equipment
●Applicable with conventional SMT surface mount facilities
●Available for forming bumps or precoating

●Good wettability with halogen free benefits
●Excellent soldering property with low-temperature reflow

207S series for dispensers
●Stable discharging performance
●Offering various types of syringe containers 

Conductive adhesive

Epoxy silver paste: ECA100,151,170
●ECA100 series is silver epoxy conductive adhesive of one-component.
●Our product line up includes [ECA-100] with the"excellent workability of a one-component adhesive" 
    and "both low-temperature curing and room-temperature storage" and [ECA-151] with the benefits
    of a "one- component  adhesive with a focus on workability", "a super long pot life", and, "room-
    temprature storage for 3 months". 

Epoxy nickel paste: ECA202
●ECA202 is nickel epoxy conductive adhesive of one-component.
●Compatible both low temperature curing and storage stability at the normal temperature.

●Actualizes low cost due to the use of nickel.
●Stable conductivity even with tin electrode.

Thermal conductive grease

TG200 series: TG221, TG240, TG260
●TG200 series is non-silicon thermal conductive grease.

●Excellent thermal resistance without volatiles such as those of siloxane