Message from the president

  NIHON HANDA was started by the first president, Genkichi Asami, in the old
  downtown area of Tokyo in 1910.
  The word "HANDA" means solder in Japanese, and true to our name, we have
  been working with solders and playing a role in the modernization of Japan's
  industry since we opened our doors for business.
  Although our movement has not been dramatic, our path has been always
  steady and our steps have gradually accumulated, culminating in a monument
  to commemorate our 100th anniversary.

  We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of our customers for continually
  choosing our products throughout our long one hundred year history.
  As we are currently in an era of alarming as well as ever more rapid and intense
  change, it has been increasingly difficult to look into the future.
  However, we will rise to every challenge in the next 100 years with a courage             
  that we have nurtured over our 100-year history.

  Like the proverb "Endurance makes you stronger" we would like to take
  ourselves to a higher level not only by continuing what we are doing,
  but also by striving even harder.
  We would like to sincerely ask you for your continuous support.

                President & Representative Director, Makoto Asami