Corporate philosophy

 【Management principle】

  We develop eco-friendly business operations, devote ourselves to developing products that can truly benefit customers,
  and contribute to the development of society through advancements in the solder industry.

 【Quality policy】

  To establish a quality system that can obtain the satisfaction and earn the trust of customers
  Although our quality policy does not change as a rule,we periodically confirm that it is appropriate
  under changing social situations and with our company foundation.
  Our quality policy expresses our basic corporate activity principles from the perspective of a quality
  management system, namely, improvement in customer satisfaction.
  Specifically, this is actualized by the following processes:

   1.The development of products that can truly benefit customers,

   2.The standardization of products according to the appropriate quality standards, and

   3.The establishment of a production system that ensures stable quality.

  Date of enactment:December 16,1994

  We obtained certification of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in year in 2013.


  ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certificate obtained by Nihon Handa Co., Ltd